December 30, 2009

What's Poppin' for 2010?

What's poppin' for 2010? Well, bubbly of course! I love that tingly taste on my tongue throughout the year, but most appreciate it while bringing in another new year. So since 2009 has treated me quite well, I'm guarunteeing my champagne will help do the same. Here's what I'll progressivley be consuming over the night and into the wee-hours of the morning:

1) Pommery POP Minis - a personal fav that I drink at picnics, at tailgates, at birthday parties, etc. So why would I discriminate at New Years? These mini bottles are the perfect addition (and easiest to transport) to the festivities whether your clanking bottles at a friends apartment, or "cheersing" to yourself in a cab on the way to the club (I'll be doing both). The best part is you can drink straight out of the bottle with a straw like the sassy and classy wino you are. ($15/bottle)

2) Vueve Clicquot Brut Yellow (1/2 Bottle) - a must have for celebrations in my apartment! Nicknamed "The Vueve" this bottle is made primarly of Pinot Noir and sings almond and honey on the tongue. Like the boy/girl you're smooching at midnight, its sure to be inviting. ($20)

3) Moet & Chandon "White Star"- similar to this "White Star" champagne, I'm sure to end my evening in a plummet to the deep blue, just like Titanic. But, hey, at least its in good fashion! Perhaps my favorite tasting bubbly, I rarely dive into my pockets to pick up a bottle. Its the perfect option for ringing in 2010, as it evokes the spirit of a coming year worthy of a celebration -one thats crisp, fresh and always exciting! ($89/bottle)