December 2, 2009

Nice List: Lola Custom Wine Glasses

Item: Lulu Custom Painted Wine Glasses
Category: Stocking Stuffers
Cost: $6.99/each
Where to Buy: HomeGoods

Take a look at this picture and tell me how you could ever pass up this festive drinkware? These Lulu hand painted wine glasses by 2 Saints Inc. are flirty, fun and fabulous, and not only are they great "drinking glasses," they are sure to be conversation starters too.

The company produces a wide range of whimsically themed martini and wine glasses, perfect for whatever personality you are looking for - the Shopaholic, the Diva, or even a Bachelorette. But my eyes were immediately drawn to this "Chubby Santa" (as I like to call him) as I was combing through my neighborhood HomeGoods store the other day. I bought two - one for myself to showboat at my Wine Down Holiday Party this weekend, and one for a good friend who I'm secretly hoping doesn't see this post. "We wasted the good surprise on you!"


Deborah said...

Do you know if lulu has a website? I received the cutest wine glass (Diva wih boobs) and would like to see if they have others that I can purchase of my girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

i bought the beach girl the santa girl the diva and the shopaholic ... they ALL have boobs!! its so cute! but my beachgirl broke... i cant find a website to order? any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

TJ Maxx had them

Anonymous said...

Marshall's has them as well.

Anonymous said...

How can I get in touch with the company? I need four leopard boobs for 2 wine glasses that feel off.I bought them on clearance. I love all the glasses that I have bought from this company. They are soooooo fun and a great price. I need the website too

Desiree said...

I hand paint custom "booby glasses" wine glasses, drink glasses etc... Facebook under Curvy Creations. I custom make them to look just like you, or whoever you want them to look like. :)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had contact with the manufacturer of this incredible glasses.