December 11, 2009

Nice List: Orogeny '06 Pinot Noir

Item: Orogeny '06 Pinot Noir
Category: Wines for Dining
Cost: $35/bottle
Where to Buy:

In getting ready to close out the 2009 year, Orogeny made its way into my life during one of my various after-work trips to "The Palm." And man, am I glad it did!

Stemming from the Greek variation of "Oro," meaning mountain and "Geny," meaning birth, Sonoma's Orogeny very literally brings to life collisions and separations of the Earth's crust which form mountains. The last orogenic episode in Sonoma County formed Green Valley, where the grapes from this wine come from.

Cool story, right? Even better taste! This Pinot is super smooth and has lively cranberry and cherry flavors on the palette, balances with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. Pinot might very well be the best medium-bodied red you can get, and this particular bottle is on the top of our list for the holidays (and all year round!)


The D said...

Oh my gosh how did you find Orogeny? I totally forgot about this old fav but will definitely be heading out to the wine shop TOMORROW to get a bottle. Yes Yes Yes it's a must for everyone's wine to try list! Now the question is..... do they carry it here in DC???

WinoBee said...

I'm pretty sure they do - we always order it when we dine at The Palm (and I think DC has a Palm, so worst case you can head there - beware of the bread basket though, its yummy!)

You should also check out this new wine bar opening in DC today: Screwtop Wine Bar