December 5, 2009

The Nice List: WineHug

Item: WineHug
Category: Stocking Stuffers
Cost: $20
Where to Buy:

You've probably seen me write (or talk) about giving my wines big hugs - and I mean that literally and figurativley - at various times across our journey of wine exploration. So, as a personal favorite product I thought those of you treking to dinner or wine-n-cheese parties, like me (long-live "Wine Down Wednedays"), might find use in this fun little product called, WineHug.

WineHug is a self-inflating protective pouch that is lightweight, compact and adapts to hold a 750mL bottle of wine. It has a simple velcro seam that helps keep the bottle snug so you bypass any breakage (which we all know can ruin delicate white blouses when packed in a suitcase). And the best part... its re-usable! Simply collapse the WineHug when its not in use and re-inflate it for your next trip.
If you're looking for something even less costly ($10), you can get a similar item that actually keeps your wine chilled at Crate & Barrel.