December 29, 2009

Look, Santa is a WinoBee too!

Holiday hiatus bit me in the toosh like a bottle of skunked Merlot... but I'm back! And as I recoup from the madness (while also attempting to burn off the calories I consumed) I find myself fiddling around with all the fun gifts that the spirit of Christmas graced me with.

Shockingly, it only included two bottles of wine this year (I guess Santa is trying to tell me something -or- he knows that my wine fridge is currently on overflow mode). But beyond liquid presents, I also received a few fun gifts worthy of Lil' Miss WinoBee sharing with each of you.

1) Wine Wars - a fun little trivia game that tests your knowledge of wine, from selecting and tasting varietals to production and wine people. Its perfect for winos of all levels, and especially perfect for beginners learning to beef up their wine mind.

Cost: $18
Where to Buy: Uncommon Goods
2) Vinturi Wine Aerator - the perfect tool for mixing in the right amount of air to your wine (seriously, its done in the amount of time it takes to pour it into the Vinturi and trickly into the glass, wah-la!). Why is this important you ask? Like decanting and allowing the wine to breathe, this device brings out the wine's most aromatic and flavorful attributes... just in less time! And when you're thirsty, that's a plus.

Cost: $40
Where to Buy: Amazon

3) Diva Wine Glass - if you're going to drink, you might as well drink in style. And what better way to bring to life your own personality than through the wine you're sipping on. And according to my lil' cousins... I'm a wine diva!

Cost: $25