December 3, 2009

Nice List: Pommery POP Earth

Item: Pommery POP Earth Champagne
Category: Stocking Stuffers
Cost: $49.99
Where to Buy:

Everyone already knows that I'm a sucker for a little champagne, and I'm sure a good chunk of the drinking population would side along with me. That's why it's only appropriate we add some bubbly to our "nice" Stocking Stuffer picks.

Now, it's also pretty known that I'm a big fan of Pommery and their mini POP Champagne bottles (which I've given props to more than once on this blog). But, now I adore them even more because they launched POP Earth, a champagne produced from sustainably farmed grapes packaged in a 100% recycled bottle (which is lighter in turn yielding less freight and pollution) and made with a recycled paper label printed with water-based inks. It's a drink you can feel good about throwing back, so stuff it in the stocking and uncork it for New Years!


Wine Gift said...

I love this green theme of this bottle I really would like to gift wine to my friend on the occasion of Christmas.

WinoBee said...

Did you end up getting your friend POP for Christmas? I have 2 mini bottles (red and blue) ready to go for New Years myself!