January 3, 2010

BUZZWORTHY: Learn the Vine Online

Happy New Year WinoBees! If you're sitting at your computer reading this post, I'm assuming you might have a slight hangover alongside it. The bubbly was like aflow last night, but despite your pounding headache and need to thrust back Gatorade, you may be reminiscing about the amazing year its been and how much you've learned about your palette. You're also likely searching high and low for that one New Year's resolution thats not such a pain. And you may even have an itch to learn more about vino-vino, so why not make 2010 the year to do it!

In the rat-race that consumes our nation, often times its hard to find a balance between business and pleasure (trust me, I've learned the hard way). But for the budding oenophile, this balance is about to arrive because in 2010, Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) will introduce the first digital format class for its Intermediate Certificate wine course. This course is ideal for those who have always been interested in learning the broad fundamentals of wine, like we WinoBees, but have found ourselves unable to adjust to a pre-set schedule or sit down classroom.

Available through the International Wine Center (IWC) in New York City, the WSET certificate allows students the ease, week-by-week, to review lessons and materials and ultimatley the options to earn the internationally recognized WSET Intermediate Certificate.

For more information, go to http://www.internationalwinecenter.com/. The fee for the course (including course materials, exam, tax and registration fee) is $428. Courses are scheduled for Feb. 5, March 11, April 9, May 13, and June 4.