January 13, 2010

2005 Clos Poggiale Vin De Corse Red

There's no doubt I'm an avid Robert Skalli fan - from the inexpensive Fortant to the Californian St. Supery - I've rarely been disappointed. And to my delight, the Clos Poggiale brand lives up to this reputation, too.

Clos Poggiale, meaning "High Point" hosts its vineyard on the east coast of Corsica. Perched on a small hill, this vineyard yields quality grapes due to the generous sunlight and heat and couples with the coolness of its neighboring mountains.

Clos Poggiale Red is made with 100% organic soil inputs and combines two grape varieties, Syrah and Sangiovese. Partially matured in french oak barrel, you'll notice both a woody overlay to its otherwise fruit base, with raspberries playing a big part on the mouth. Its fuller body helps balance out its dynamic attributes, while its nose is more complex offering both fruit and floral forwardness.


TinaCao_StSupery said...

Great recomm, WinoBee! It's uncommon to find a wine from Corsica: the birthplace of Napoleon! I love that you can experience a little bit of the South of France home with you just by sipping some wine from the region.

Anonymous said...