January 12, 2010

Indaba 2009 Chenin Blanc

It's amazing how much you can procrastinate at your hobby when real life picks up its pace! And indeed it has for me - not just from a work or social perspective, but also from the fitness side of things (hey, its a new year right?)

For those who don't know, I'm in the midst of training for my first half-marathon *insert encouragement here* so a lot of my "homework" time has been replaced with running, which is not to say that I've been slacking in my beveraging duties. In fact, most runners would probably shame be for my behavior, but alas, this is why I am (and will always be) Lil' Miss WinoBee.

With that being said, I haven't had time to share all the gloriousness of wines that have come into my life as of late, so consider this my plea to get back on track (and then maybe hit the real track like I should be!)

To take the lead, I'm actually going with an inexpensive white my roommate picked up the other night. Now, one must understand that my roommate is not what you call, mmm, a certified lush, like myself - but when I saw her down this bottle all by herself, I knew it had to be special.

Indaba is the Zulu word for "a meeting of the minds." This brand was created as a celebration of the democratization process in South Africa and this '09 Chenin Blanc easily conveys that spirit. It offers great balance, with crisp acidity and tropical/citrus fruit flavors. For $8/bottle, it will definitely make your mouth water.

I'm more of a crisp, white drinker in summer, but this offered me a refreshing change to the substantial and bold reds I've been filling my days this winter.

And even better, a portion of this wine's proceeds support a scholarship for formerly disfranchised South Africans who are interested in wine-related careers. Talk about spreading the buzz!