January 30, 2010

2006 Kuhl Riesling

We know the Germans are known for their sweets... after who doesn't love a Haribo gummy bear? Or even a Haribo Shake (invented by me during a trip to Berlin - includes Sprite, Vodka, and Haribos sunk at the bottom, mmm!)

Along the same line (but the big kid version), is this Reisling. It's refreshing and perfect with a meal or as a stand alone. It offers a very floral bouquet with citrus flavors that will tingle your mouth and your nose. Its crisp flavors of lime, honey and slate balance out its acidity and will leave a lingering finish of both fruit and stone on your tongue.

Suggestion: Be bold and try it with an Asian-fusion inspired meal. It's eclective qualities will balance nicely with the flavors and spices.

Where to Buy: Wine Chateau

Cost: $11/bottle