October 1, 2010

Live the 'Prosecco Lifestyle'

Ok, I'm still rolling off the excitement (or probably the buzz) of Wednesday's Live Lively event. And naturally to get you guys to start living the 'Prosecco Lifestyle,' I need to offer some tasty libations that you can put in your shopping basket and conjure up!

In chatting with Enore Ceola, Managing Director for Mionetto, he told me that, "Prosecco has gotten so popular with American wine drinkers because its straight forward and sophisticated." Wow, sounds like me... but I deviate! :-)

He added that "Live Lively! aims to bring Prosecco drinkers together online via personal stories and tips on how to life the 'Prosecco Lifestyle."

And its true. In Italy, Prosecco is an integral part of the social fabric. You enjoy it as an apertivo amongst quality time with your friends and family. It's a perfect pairing (we all know I'm a sucker for Prosecco and St. Germaine, but we'll save that for another day!) So why not take some time to add life to your weekly routine. Try these delicious options from Mionetto:

  • Prosecco DOC - probably the best buy, this wine offers a fresh, crisp aroma of apple and peach. Drink it as your "everyday" prosecco. ($11/bottle)
  • Moscato - this one won the heart of both my friends who attended with me! Its a semi-sweet wine with peach and citrus flavors and a hint of strawberry. Perfect with dessert or as dessert! ($10/bottle)
  • Prosecco Brut DOC - my second personal favorite of the evening, this wine offers clean, fruity aromas followed by a fresh, crisp finish. I think I'll have some more at Sunday brunch! ($13/bottle)
  • Prosecco Certified Organic - a bit more acidic than its counterparts, I liked that this wine offered golden apple on the palate.
  • Sergio Rose - though pink wines are not normally my forte, I was surprised by the delightful bouquet of wild roses on the nose, followed by pink grapefruit and dark fruit on the palate. ($20/bottle)
  • Valdobbiadene Superior DOCG - by far, the best... and not just because I loved how the Italians say, "Valdobbiadene!" This wine had aromas of exotic fruits - a perfect apertif!