July 28, 2010

I pray to St. Germain!

One of the primary reasons I throw #WineDown parties is to help people uncover things about their palette that they never knew - whether its discovering a new grape or a new vineyard, there is always so much to learn. And the best times are the ones where I actually discover something new myself. Cue St. Germain.
I attribute this new obsession to my colleague and her boyfriend who served as my personal mixologist during our last party when we went "rooftop style." The special concoction blends prosecco with this delicious liqueur, which uses fresh, elderberry blossoms handpicked from the Alps. The delicate flavor and fragrance pair perfectly with any bottle of prosecco (or champagne) to create a perfect, refreshing summer beverage. The end taste actually reminded me a bit of Muscato di Asti (which we all know quickly earns a way into my heart every time I drink it!)

Here's what to do:
  • Mix 1/2 part St. Germain into flute glass and top with Prosecco, Brut Champagne, Brut Rose or other dry sparkling wine
  • Stir lightly and garnish with a piece of fruit to add some flare
Doesn't that make you thirsty? Go on. Run to the liquor store (or even your local wine store cuz' they carry it) and pick up a bottle for $30. It'll last you through the end of the hot days of summer.