July 29, 2010

Banfi Rosa Regale Acqui

When I can't have Muscato di' Asti, there is one other dolce I turn to... Brachetto Di'Acqui!

Brachetto is a red Italian grape grown predominately in the Piedmont region and it offers a very fragrant aroma and light body which also comes aside hints of strawberry which can immediately be found on the nose and palette.

Brachetto Di'Acqui is made in both still and sparkling versions (I go for the spumante!) and is pretty much a light red version of Muscato di'Asti. And at a wine event I helped serve at a few weeks ago, @TishWine introduced me to Rosa Regale from Castello Banfi in Italy. And for me... I've never met a Banfi I didn't enjoy (hello, Brunello di Montalcino!) so I immediately went in for the kill and gave it a taste.

To my delight, this particular Brachetto Di'Acqui was lightly effervescent (softer than champagne) with a blend of rose and raspberry on the nose, and a sweet, yet appealing touch of berry to follow on the tongue. It quickly became the most popular wine selection by event attendees over the course of the evening and we all heightened our already-pleasant-experience by pairing a glass with a bit of dark chocolate.

Cost: $25/bottle
Where To Buy: Wine.com
Pairing: This is a perfect selection to serve as a dessert wine, or even to pair on a summer afternoon with a salad or bowl of fruit... or dark chocolate as mentioned above!


WinoBee said...

I think I drank too much of this last night. Yum!

Cheryl Sher said...

I always suggest this at
http://www.blissinabottle.com as it is one of the most festive and delicious wines made and it has a great history!

WinoBee said...

I couldn't agree more! Even the bottle boasts elegance. And speaking of Bliss in a Bottle, I'm hosting a wine and chocolate #winedown event in September, can you send me some details? oenobee@yahoo.com THIS IS TOO PERFECT!