July 30, 2010

2007 Angeline Pinot Noir

The name boasts premier, elegance, class... and what's inside the bottle follows suit quite parallel.

Angeline. Now, doesn't that sound nice? And not only does it sounds nice, look nice, and taste nice, its perhaps one of the nicest value wines I've ever encountered.

I first uncovered this wine during a "wine fridge field trip" at Fine Wines in Laurel, MD, when my mother sent me on a treasure hunt for a tasty, inexpensive Pinot Noir. To my luck, the store was sampling various wines from the Russian River Valley and pointed me in the direction of this beauty. It quickly became a family favorite, and to my surprise, a few months later during a #winedown party I hosted, a friend (@beege) brought this same bottle to share. I knew at that point this wine was a keeper and one to share!

A product of the Martin Way Winery, Angeline Pinot Noir, produced from a 100% pinot noir grapes from the Sonoma, Mendocino and Santa Barbara counties in California, is bright, yet delicate with intense dark fruit flavor and rich aroma and a smooth finish. To the eye, its deep ruby color captures. To the nose, its intense plum, blackberry and black cherry scents blend nicely with a hint of spice and oak. To the palette, just the same with soft tannins that lightly tickle the tongue.

Cost: $15/b0ttle
Where to Buy: Martin Way Winery
Pairing: This is actually such a soft red that I can easily drink by itself, but if you're looking for a more robust experience, pair it up with some portobello mushrooms


Brianne said...

The first time I sipped Angeline was at an awesome wine bar in Seattle, Purple. If you ever visit, you must go! It has some lovely looking bartenders and modern, industrial chic decor. Yes, I love me some Angeline...yum!

WinoBee said...

good looking bartenders + good tasting wine? im so in!