September 30, 2010

Live Lively! Drink Prosecco.

I like to think I live my life pretty darn vivaciously, so naturally when Mionetto Prosecco approached me about attending their Live Lively! launch party, I was immediately enamored with the idea. After all, prosecco is the "social drink of Italy" so sharing a few sips while meeting a few new people sounded like the perfect mid-week cap!

From the minute I entered, I sensed the laid back image they were going for. Even the guy at the check-in table told me, "Tonight's all about living lively, so do whatever and have a great time!" And have a good time (probably too much so) was what I did.

The event, held at the Samsung Experience store at Time Warner Center, made it easy to have lively interaction. Mionetto set up a few activities that party-goers could participate in to help inspire the "live lively" attitude. Let's just say I got to take a yacht ride and climb a mountain (well, superimposed of course), got interviewed for the Live Lively! streaming TV channel, got a tattoo, participated in a dance-off for the chance of winning tickets to NYC Food & Wine Festival (though I made the mistake of doing this sober - all the smart people waited until the prosecco allowed them to throw their inhibitions to the wind!) and even participate in a wine tasting with Mionetto's finest.

During the wine tasting, I had the opportunity to spend quality time with a few of the Mionetto clan and I honestly attribute the fabulous evening to each of them (shouts to Ron, Andrea, Martina, Doug, Enore and more!) It was great to see they were truly invested in making everyone's experience completely tailored. And while chatting with the Head of Sales, I had to pry about how and why the Live Lively! campaign was inspired. He told me:
  • The Aim? We want to introduce American wine drinkers to the relaxed and casual lifestyle that accompanies this best-selling sparkling white wine.
  • The Thought? Reach millennial wine drinkers who tune out of mainstream media where they are 'live' - online!
And as a wino, blogger and social media enthusiast, I love the idea - and particularly because it breaks through the traditional stuffiness commonly associated with wine drinking. Everyone, no matter your wino level, should be able to appreciate the experience of drinking a good wine in the same way. So now its your turn to join in the fun...

Live Lively! includes a new interactive site,, as well as an upgrade to the Mionetto's corporate site. But it doesn't stop there. They are also tapping into the world of social media via a presence on FourSquare, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flick'r. Live Lively! is also being support by social networking events - from Meet Up groups to sponsored consumer and trade events (hey, they'll be at NYC Food & Wine Festival!).

So now you have the tools to start living lively... well, almost all of them. You still need to add this delicious sparkling white to your tool kit, so on that note check back later this week (and next!) for a few of my fav finds from the event!


Amy F said...
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Amy F said...

I lived lively last night...and boy did I have a great time! Wish every day could be topped off with delish bubbly.

Kerry said...

Looks like you had a blast. I would have LOVED to go. Love me some bubbly!

Anonymous said...

where did u retrieve your boating picture?