October 4, 2010

2007 St Supery Malbec

After waking up early Sunday morning, walking 3.2 miles for the annual Komen 5K Race in Maryland with family, and then trekking back to New Jersey for nearly fours hours in the car with two peanuts (ages 3 and under), it was no wonder we were uncorking a little vino with our impromptu Sunday pasta dinner. Hey, we're Italian and that's what good Italians do to help "wine" down!

My brother-in-law (like his fabulous wino-in-law-sister) has great taste and pulled out a 2007 Malbec from one of my fav Napa vineyards, St. Supery -- I know, you always hear me talk about them, but seriously, its because their wines are delish!

Malbec, a thin-skinned grape that requires a bit more sun and heat than Cab or Merlot, normally offers an inky dark ruby color and robust tannins.

This one in particular was on point, and offering a beautiful complexity that would pair well with heavier meals (I admit my fettucini a la vodka was probably not the most appropriate pairing). On the nose, cloves and licorice . On the palate, dark plum meets cocoa. Beautiful balance and smokey finish.

Where to Buy: St. Supery Vineyards
Cost: $45/bottle
Pair With: Empanadas

Additional St. Supery wines from our September #WineDown to be shared later this week. Keep your eyes peeled for more yumminess!