October 20, 2010

De-LUSH-ious Boxed Wine: Duca White & Red

Four words that can often make a grown man or woman cringe... wine-in-a-box. And that's because for a while, the little budget cardboard un-delights have burned bridges with many palates (and stomachs) and likely even made a few college kids black out from too many wine stands (I'm not discounting myself in this demographic).

But truth be told, boxed wines are steadily making a comeback. In fact, sales value of boxed wines have increased by 46% and volume by 27% - that's pretty substantial! After all, boxed wines...
  • Have a longer shelf life after opening -- the tap-off design helps lock out air and prevent the wine from aging as rapidly as re-corking your bottle. You usually have a bout 4-6 weeks before the wine will go bad!
  • Are a bargain buy -- it's all about economical consumption and boxed wine typically holds the net of four (750mL) bottles worth of vino, or the comparable of about 2o glasses of wine. And in our book, the more, the merrier... especially when it doesn't pinch our wallet.
  • Use environmentally-friendly packaging -- we love smaller carbon footprints!
Enter Duca del Frassino, who has created two fabulous boxed wines - a white and a red - that leaves drinkers (and Kathy Lee & Hoda) thinking "inside the box" for a whopping value of just $19.99!

Duca White
Made From: 80% Garganega, 20% Pinot Grigio
Tasting Notes: Very light straw color and a hint of white flowers on the nost, this easy-to-drink white wine is made mostly of the Garganega grape which is indigenous to the Soave region. On the palate, a light fruit and citrus taste with a crisp but also somewhat juicy finish.
Pair With: Sip it as an apertif or pair it with lighter dishes like seafood or even salad!

Duca Red
Made From: 80% Cabernet, 20% Corvina
Tasting Notes: High quality blend the offers a deep purple color and opens with aromatic red cherry aromas and dark fruits on the palate.
Pair With: Goes great with meat dishes, Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano cheese. For a predominately Cab wine, this glass it surprisingly balanced enough to drink on its own too!


Alycia said...

Wow! Boxed wine is making a comeback! Mike and I will def be giving it a try. Great to know there are tasty and affordable options out there for us wine drinkers. Thanks for the tip Winobee!