October 11, 2010

September #WineDown Rewind

September #WineDown came and went much like the summer we see shifting rapidly right now to fall (I swear it dropped 20 degrees overnight!) With the changing of season also comes a changing in wine selections, at least for me. I tend to enjoy the light, crisp wines for summer months and more tannin-infused, dry wines in the winter. But hey, to each his own, which is why my BFF's over at St. Supery were kind enough to sponsor our little shindig so I could share the beauty of their wines, all different styles, will all of the wino-wannabes joining me in the festivities.

And boy were they glad they joined! We attempted a progressive tasting over the course of the evening, and it went a lil' something like this:

2009 St. Supery Rose -- a perfect selection for end of summer, as its light and doesn't require a meal to accompany it. On the nose, pomegranate and rose hips. On the palate, light but crisp citrus and raspberry flavors with a dull sweetness that finishes on the tongue. Great character and like beautiful pink color! Cost: $18/bottle

2009 Sauvignon Blanc Dollarhide -- by far one of my favorite varietals for summer months as sauvignon blanc tends to offer exquisite citrus flavors, as does this particular one. On the nose, grapfruit, honeysuckle and nectarines. On the palate, rich grapefruit and some floral notes. Cost: $37/bottle

2006 St. Supery Merlot -- perfect, youthful selection for the coming months, as this wine is accented with all the ingredients of Fall - cinnamon, clove and nutmeg! On the palate, you'll experience currant and fig. $50/bottle.

2005 Rutherford St. Supery Cabernet Sauvignon -- I cannot wait to curl up to a fire come winter time with this love. Perhaps my favorite St Supery wine, this cab is luxorious. On the nose, dark fruits like cherry and plum. On the palate, a blend of fruit and spice where black cherry meets licorice. Cost: $35/bottle.

To purchase any (or all!) of these wines, check out the Wine Shop at St. Supery.