March 10, 2009

Gundlach Bundschu Poetry Slam

Anyone know what tomorrow is? Well, if you are a wine know-it-all (or just a know-the-right-people-kind like we do) you probably have heard that is the 151st Anniversary of Gundlach Bundschu Vineyards. That's right, back in 1858 (sheesh, that seems like some time ago), Jacob Gundlach signed the deed to this well-know estate and the beginning of the Bundschu's love affair with the land and the vine began.

To celebrate the occasion, I'm helping Gundlach spread the word about their poetry-slam contest by encouraging each of my WinoBees to submit a brief explanation to the site(in 151 words or less) stating why you are passionate about wine . A handful of winners will be chosen and awarded delicious prizes (you know what the means kids, uncork some celebration!). Runners up will gain Gun Bun infamy by having their work published on the vineyard's web site and in print.

Visit the Gundlach Bundschu website on Thursday, March 12th for full disclosure on the contest and to get your poetry on. And if you experience a mild case of writers block, just think about how freely the words will flow after a few glasses of your favorite Cabernet. Always does the trick for me!

... and speaking of winning free stuff, if you haven't already entered our "Hoppy Easter" giveaway, you should! We have a Metrokane Rabbit up for grabs, and entering is easy. Check out the rules via the link above and submit, submit, submit! We have some great entries so far and we're looking for more!