March 16, 2009

Wine with No Sugar??

I must say that my weekend included a failed attempt at retracing my college days. I was with a few folks I studied abroad with back in 2005 (wow, I just dated myself) and we popped some Korbel champagne (c'mon, in college it was considered an upgrade from the $2.99 bottle of Andre most people tossed back). Let's just say I taught myself a lesson -- life is too short for bad wines!

Along the same line, I received a tip-off from the infamous Hungry Girl newsletter today about Slender Wine - its a new wine sweetened with  0-calorie Zerose®, a natural sweetener with zero calories, a zero glycemic index, zero carbs, and zero fats. They claim to be the world's only sweet wine with no sugar and no carbs.

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? First and foremost, wine is something that is suppose to be appreciated. And while many of us like to drink mass quantities during a single sitting, there's also the handful of us that partake in a respectable glass because its a simple indulgence. 

Second, sugar is debatably the most important part of the winemaking process. It plays a crucial role in the wine's sensory characteristics and how it interacts with other particles, like tannins. Not to mention it's a key component of the fermentation process - the yeast metabolizes sugars for energy in turn producing alcohol as its byproduct. Hello... alcohol!

Bottom line.. if you're looking to slim your waistline, here are a few tips that might get you further than a good marketing scheme:

  1. Don't drink alcohol period. Or at least drink in moderation.
  2. Go for a red wine over a white. In general red wines have very minimal sugar. 
  3. Key terms on wine labels can indicate whether your wine will be sweet or not. Look for "dry" or "semi-dry" which usually mean the wine has less sugar. 
  4. Or you can rebel and try out Slender by purchasing at Chateau Thomas Winery
... perhaps I'm just being overly skeptical? What are your thoughts? Post em' kids!


TTVWineChick said...

Wine with artificial sweetener added... um, No thanks. There are so many fruity varietals..most that are fermented to "dry", but still taste sweet. Why not try Pinot Grigio, Reisling, Gewurztraminer? The full and sophisticated flavors are amazing! If a sweet cocktail is what you want, stick with mixed drinks with a diet soda mixer.

Tish said...

Good job with the alternative tips. This sounds even weirder than nonfat ice cream. ALso remind me of a low carb wine a few years back, "One6" as in 1.6 carbs per serving I think. It bombed, even in the midst of the Atkins Diet craze. Bottom line: wine is wine. We've gotten pretty good at making it and drinking it -- so don't mess with it!