March 5, 2009

Burgundy Week: Meursault “Perrieres” 2003 Premiere Cru Maison Louis Jadot

Wines from “Perrieres” tend to mimic the stony, chalky soil of the land there and have more mineralistic properties. Being subjective, I’m sure there are many wines from this area lending more to the floral side, or even some with a more pleasurable tastes... but that wasn’t my experience with the Meursault “Perrieres” 2003 Premiere Cru from Louis Jadot. 

Now I must admit, I tend to be partial to Luis Jadot wines, particularly the moderate priced Pinot Noir (future review to come on that one), but to my dissatisfaction this particular wine just didn’t hit the spot. 

Call me a cheap date because I would opt for the inexpensive over the pricey (or at least in this case – bring me a Joseph Phelps Insignia, and I may re-evaluate), but everything about this wine seemed off. From its bacon-like smell, to its intensely woody flavor, the easiest way to describe it is…mmmm… complex. In a nutshell, if “going green” were a wine, this would be its sister. Pure earthiness hints coupled with a high acidity left my your tongue feeling a little chalky, and when it comes to wine… I pass on grass.

What to Pair: Fish with Light Sauce

Estimated Cost: $80/bottle

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