March 25, 2009

Wines for the Recessionista - Bottle #2

Dare I ask the inevitable? Have you been frugal today? If so, great work! You're well on your way to becoming a "recessionista." And given our theme for the week, I figured it was time to drop a few pointers on how to best utilize your cash flow on the vino. So without further ado, I give you the... 

Top 3 Ways to Become a "Wine Recessionista":
1) Pack your lunch. Use the $10 you would have spent for an after-work sippity-sip. 

2) Pass on the after-work cocktails. You can easily drop $50-$100 on a "intoxicatingly" good evening out. Instead, pick up two inexpensive bottles of wine and ask your friends to come to your place... it's just as social!

3) Scaling down, doesn't mean having to go cold turkey. If you're someone who appreciates lavish wines, find some without the lavish pricetag. Check out WineWoot! Every week, they uncork some ridiculous deals on wine and wine products (I just got 3 GunBun Reds for $59!) Seriously, their one-time prices put the rest of internet wine distributors to shame.

So that brings us to today's "recessionista," which will make you want to walk along the beach, with the sand between your toes. Why? Because it's Barefoot! This garage-wine startup has grown into a economically attainable vino empire, offering a variety of bottles, from Zinfandel and Pinot, to Muscato and even bubbly. 

My personal pick... Barfoot Chardonnay, and it's a perfect selection, given its peachy properties, for spring time, especially when you drink it chilled! Like most Chards, this is a lighter fare option, and its golden sunset color mimics its taste. While ripe peaches are abundany, you'll also probably notice a honey flavoring atop the fruitfulness.

... and it retails for just $5.99/bottle - how can you pass that up? You could buy two - responsibly drink and still be fiscally responsible! 


Michelle said...

Barefoot is SO good. My husband stopped one night and got a bottle for me (side note - he doesn't usually drink white so I say it was mine but I did not drink the whole bottle in one night!!) and it's cool and refreshing! Love the name too.

WinoBee said...

Glad you agree that its a great pick for under $10. Not to mention thats a good husband you have. I need one just like it who knows the way to my heart is through wine! ;-)