March 24, 2009

Wines for the Recessionista - Bottle #1

In honor of our lovely economic climate, and our President's plea for help tonight, I've decided to be a good samaritan and help my fellow WinoBees with a series I like to call "Wines for the Recessionista." 

But what's a "recessionista?" Seriously people - do you live in a hole!? This term is getting dropped all over the place given all the financial hardship we are facing. It refers to someone who is a magnet for a good deal (or at least is learning to find them). A recessionista knows how to stick to a tight budget, but still be trendy and social during these hard times. So if you're not one already, consider this your training:
  • POINT #1: The worst thing we can do in a recession is cut back on spending, which means there's no reason we should alter our drinking habits either. 
  • POINT #2: Instead of dropping copius dollars for a fancy-pancy bottle of wine, its time to get the better bang for your buck. And just because you're not dishing out the cash, doesn't mean you have to compromise on the taste! 
Get it? Got it? Good. Then, welcome to Wines for the Recessionista Week! Over the course of the next few days, we'll be highlighting a few selections that will get you nice and toasty without burning a hole in your wallet. Our motto: In the worst case, if you're gonna be broke... you might as well be drunk! So let's get started...

Recessionista Bottle #1: 
Our first selection comes from one of the most budget-friendly critter wines on the market. The infamous kangaroo on the bottle is a sheer icon representing the Casella family's dedication to producing great wine that never lacks great flavor. Their Shiraz is seriously one of my favorites- can't tell you how many bottles I downed during my days on a college budget (which is pretty parallel to that of a recessionista these days). It boasts a variety of berry aromas, with underpinnings of both spice and vanilla. You'll likely taste some cherry and strawberry, but for the most part this wine is well-balanced (not too fruity) and airs on the medium-bodied dry side. The best part... only $6.99/bottle!