March 4, 2009

Burgundy Week: Chablis “Blanchot” 2005 Grand Cru, Domaine Robert Vocoret

Ok, so clearly “Burgundy Week” has become more like “Burgundy-over-the-course-of-a-week-plus” - but there is no shame in that, right? I mean not only do we have fancy wines to share, but we also can’t lose sight of the important wine news happening around us, and of course the part where we need to “do our homework.” At least that’s my justification…

Nonetheless, we always come back to where we start! And that leaves me at Burgundy Wine #3, which comes from Chablis. Let’s get our math on with a little equation for this next review:

Chablis + Grand Cru = Delicious

  • Chablis, in a nutshell, is the Arc De Triomphe of the Burgundy region. Its debatably the most world-renowned region for its white wines (*cough, chardonnay, cough*). While the village is teency-meency, the grapes it produces are hardly so. In fact, they tend to be abundant with flavor, straw-like in color and often minerally.


  • Blanchot is a 29-acre grand cru vineyard (one of seven in the region) and it produces a nice Chardonnay! Time to whip out our notes from the Wine Hive – what is Grand Cru? Well, in simplest terms, Grand Cru means "great growth" in French. Its a regional classification that designates a vineyard which has a favorable reputation. Keep in mind though, that its not speaking of the wine itself, its speaking of the potential of the site. Still not a bad tagline to have on the label!


  • Domaine Robert Vocoret Chardonnay exhibits a delicate, yet fruitful bouquet, combined with a crisp, lively acidic taste that leaves your palate with a bit of a bite. You may taste hints of unripe pear, or even honey and green apple, but overall this wine is quite balanced and leaves a rather longer finish than most whites.

What to Pair? A Semi-Soft Goat Cheese

Estimated Retail: $40/bottle