February 5, 2009

Twitter Taste Live -- Online Wine Tasting

If you've ever needed motivation to uncork a bottle of your finest (or even your not-so-finest), now's your chance!

Twitter Taste Live is the premier forum for real-time wine tasting via the web, and in honor of the 10th anniversary of Open That Bottle Night, they've teamed up with wine importer Wilson Daniels Ltd. to host an interactive wine tasting on Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 8 p.m. EST.

So, how does it work? Well, chances are if you are reading this blog you have some sort of digi-savviness to you, and I'm going to assume that you either A) have an existing Twitter account or B) are capable of creating one. In a nutshell, a live video stream at Twitter Taste Live will allow you to follow bloggers and event hosts through wine tastings, while instantly being able to ask questions through the website's real-time feed.

Open That Bottle Night is a great way for WinoBees worldwide to open and share a special bottle of wine... and to learn lots!

Wanna Join? RSVP at http://www.twittertastelive.com/. Afterall, February is Heart Health Month... and there is no better way take hold of the celebration than indulging in a glass of grape antioxidants!