February 22, 2009

Ballatore Sparkling White & Rose

Ever done a mystery wine tasting that’s left not only your palate satisfied, but also your wallet? Well even if you haven’t, I have… and I have to admit I was astonished to learn that my mystery bubbly came at a mere price of just $7.99 per bottle (and who said I wasn’t a cheap date?)

Balator Sparkling Wine comes in both a white and rose variety:

  • The white variety was refreshingly sweet, and will likely remind you of a German reisling with its overtly sugar complexity which will leave your teeth feeling like they have a bit of coating on them. Both the bouquet and the taste reflect spring time fruits, particularly a mix of apricot and peaches.
  • The rose variety was similar in overall characteristics, though the taste resembled that of a zinfandel with strawberry flavoring and floral undertones.

For sparkling wines, neither the white nor the rose were overly beady or dry… they are easily satisfying in terms of balancing the bubbly with a sweet taste... It’s like soda for adults!

Where To Buy: BevMax.com

Cost: $7.99