February 10, 2009

Mo' Cocktails at MoMA... pahhh-lease!

If you're looking for a delicious, yet tart escape from the growing sophistication of being a WinoBee, check out these fun recipes I got tonight from an art exhibit at MoMA in New York. The event was sponsored by Sagatiba, which is a delightful Brazilian rum-like liquor (*insert Rumpelstiltsken joke from Big Daddy here*) known as cachacas. Its made from a unique multidistillation process which allows it to best mix with a varieties of cocktails.

You may be asking yourself, "W-T-F is a cachacas?" Well, you're not alone! Let's put it in perspective using SAT analogies, ok... France is to champagne as Mexico is to tequila, right? Well, cachacas is essentially just that to Brazil. Like rum (but different from rum) cachacas is distilled straight from sugarcane juice, which helps it maintain its fruity flavor and natural aroma. Did I mention its pretty much the essence of Brazil's most popular cocktail: the Caipirinha (don't ask me how to pronounce that)? So that's where I come into play now...

Although my palette is more intrigued by vino than any other beverage (which the exception of H2O) I actually enjoyed their Sagatiba Spring Caipirinha  -- though I would have liked it better if it came with a blue chair, white sand and ocean in front of my face. Want to make it? Grab the below ingredients and get to mixing:
  • 2 oz. Sagatiba Pura
  • 1/2 lime cut into wedges
  • 8-10 fresh blueberries (hey - we love our antioxidants!)
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1/2 oz. Creme de Mure
Place the lime, blueberries and sugar in an old-fashioned glass and mash gentle with a mudder. Add ice, and pour in the Sagatiba and Creme de Mure. Stir well and enjoy!

But I didn't stop there (did you have doubts?) I also scoped out the Sagatiba Classic Caipirinha. Both the taste and its lemon-lime color reminded me very much of a margarita on the rocks sans salt. Again it would have been more delectable if paired with a Caribbean vacation, but who am I to judge? Afterall, I was surrounded by paper bags that considered themselves "art." Check out the recipe below:
  • 2 oz. Sagatiba Pura
  • 1/2 lime cut into wedges
  • 2 tsp. sugar
Place the lime and sugar in an old fashioned glass and mash gently. Add ice and pour Sagatiba in. Stir well (again) and toss it back.

With eccentric cocktails like these, its no wonder that this post-modern, pseudo-couture Brazilian spirit coupled up with one of the leading art muesums 'round the world. Check out the brand's website at www.sagatiba.com where you can enjoy Mixology 101 and some sweet Latin tunes.