February 11, 2009

Tea on the Rise...

While we are on the cocktail buzz, I figured I would drop a quick post from an interesting article I read today on the NY Times website that talks about a new beverage hit, Tea Infused Vodka.

The article specifically points out how South Carolina's
Firefly Distillery claims their Sweet Tea Vodka tastes almost exact to the beloved drink. Don't believe it? Well in just months, the distillery has expanded sales to 40 states. More recently they have extended their line with new peach, lemon and mint flavors. Yummo!

I mean if food conglomerates like McDonald’s offers sweet tea at 78% of its locations, there obviously has to be a demand for the South's trademark drink, but just a little liquored up, right?

Wanna Try? Mimicking the popular "Arnold Palmer," try whipping up a "John Daly"- aptly named for the bad-boy of golf himself by diluting 50% Sweet Tea Vodka with 50% lemondate. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

To view the article in full, check out the
New York Times.