February 13, 2009

Pour Me Pink: The Ultimate V-Day Toast

It's that time of year when red rose petals are strewn about, champagne is uncorked and sales at Hallmark soar through the roof... perhaps the most marketed day of the entire year, it's Valentine's! 

Now, don't get me wrong... just because I don't have a "special someone" to wine me and dine me this year, doesn't mean I'll be holding back. In fact, it's times like these I relish in the wise words of  a one Miss Beyonce and page "All the Single Ladies" like myself in search of a little romance on this special day (and all year round). A let's face it, we all know there is no better way to celebrate than to press your lips against something sweet.

That's where Nuvo, a new sparkling liquer from Paris comes into play! When I say this beverage is the epitome of femininity, I dare not lie. Not only is Nuvo glowing pink in color, but its delicate passionfruit-like taste and enchanting bottle design (which looks like a perfume bottle) makes you feel just a wee-bit dainty.

This little pink drink combines only a small bit of French sparkling wine with chardonnay, pinot noir and distilled vodka - the end is a harmonious balance of ripe fruit which will leave your palate refreshed. It almost tastes like a Cosmopolitan and I'm sure the ladies from Sex and the City will be replacing their trademark beverage once they get a hold of this little cocktail.

And what better way to serve it than over ice in a champagne flute. I mean if you're going after elegance, you might as well go all out, right? 

Now, let's be real... Nuvo doesn't have to be solely for the ladies. Afterall, a real man not only wears pink, he drinks it to! So toss up a toast to you and your love one and get your pink on!

Nuvo retails for about $20 per 375mL bottle and can be found online at:
For more info, check out www.sparklingnuvo.com!