January 19, 2009

Bling in a Glass

Has anyone picked up on the fact that I've been celebrating my birthday during the entire course of this weekend and the big day isn't even until tomorrow? Call me selfish, but I'm enjoying getting my drink on in celebration. And why not when you're sippin' on wines worth your time!?

Tonight I hit up Oz Chophouse in Fulton, MD with mom and dad, and instead of indulging in a slice of chocolate mousse pie (another favorite of mine) post-dinner, I opted for a dessert wine... the '05 Selaks Ice Wine to be precise.

The '05 Selaks Ice Wine is made of a blend of Gewurztraminer and Reisling grapes (both sugary in taste) and was straw-like in color. The combination of these varietals offered a moderatley rich balance of spice, apricot, and honey with floral overtones.

For beginner WinoBees who are unfamilar, ice wine is a type of dessert wine produce from grapes that have been frozen while still on their vine. The sugars from the grapes do not literally freeze, but the water surrounding it does allowing for a more concentrated grape, thus yeilding in a very sweet wine. Because of this rigourous process, ice wines tend to be relativley pricey on the pocket. However, this bottle only runs about $17.99 for 375mL. And although my glass was ridiculously marked up (I paid $9), I enjoyed every last sip of it and highly reccomend to each of you!

Where to Buy: Berns Fine Wines
Wine Spectator Points: 87
When to Drink: Now - 2010


C. Donatiello said...

Selaks has always produced a great Icewine at a resonable price.

WinoBee said...

I agree - its hard to find decent icewine at a decent cost and this is definitely a great option!

Kira said...

You're awesome! I love the site.