January 18, 2009

Poppin' Bubbly

To most people turning a decade older is cause for an elaborate celebration. Well, I find joy in celebrating half decades with the same enthusiasm. You may wonder, "What's so great about turning 25?" Well, for one, you become legal to rent cars without having to buy extra insurance. Ok, check.

But, for me, turning 25 is my way of saying "buh-bye" to my adolescent beveraging behaviors. Call me a wine snob, but being nearly 3 years out of college, its time I parlay my personal attributes alongside those of my wine (e.g. a bit more established, a bit more mature, a bit more refined and mostly better with age!)

So to pre-celebrate growing another year wiser, my friends and I had a triple birthday gathering last night. While many retraced their college Andre Champagne drinking tendencies, I spoiled myself with a mini bottle of Moet and a full bottle of Le Borgate Cide Prosecco from Italy... it's no wonder its 11pm and my head is still pounding. Nonetheless, I wanted to share the scoop on this delicious prosecco with you because I honestly think I enjoyed it more than the White Star quality.

Made in the region of Veneto, Prosecco is Italy's answer to refreshing, well-made sparkling wine at a reasonable price. Particularly, my experience with the Le Borgate Cide was delightful. The pale yellow color mimicked into a light, delicate flavour. The hints of green apple and white peaches were crisp and left for a smooth, clean, dry finish. The fine bubbles and fragrant bouquet were not at all overpowering, but rather refreshing. For just $19.95/bottle you'll feel as lavish as the taste it leaves in your mouth. I picked this bottle up at Candelight Wines in NYC, but haven't been able to locate online. Check with http://www.palmbayimports.com/ to see if they can order for you if you are unsuccessful in locating it at your local wine store.


grace c. said...

bye bye to your adolescent drinking habits...??
and by this, you do mean minus your birthday celebration night, right??

haven't seen you in forever...
also haven't been to bro j's in a longer while...ha!

hope you're doing well and hope to see you soon!

WinoBee said...

haha - ok, you caught me. I meant hello to more sophistication in my selections. not bye bye to drinking in excess :)

miss you too girly!