August 1, 2008

Welcome to OenoBee!

Welcome to OenoBee - a refreshing new spot for those who enjoy wine, but lack the knowledge and skills of an seasoned aficionado! OenoBee was inspired by a 20-something "wino-wannabe" who frequently purchased wines based on the sassiness of their labels, oh yeah, and the pseudo-expertise of her peers.  From recommendations, pairings and comparisons to the general studies of wine and winemaking, OenoBee is an online decanter of information to help polish the most inexperienced to the most experienced oenophiles. 

So whether your a patron of the vineyard or a lush looking for a quick fix, I encourage you to engage with people like you (and those opposite of you, too!) in order to help build a learning environment for us all! Ask questions, make recommendations, spur debate... but whatever you do, remember the glass should always be "half full." 


One Dad's Opinion said...

Love your's such a non-snobbish way to learn about wines and gather suggestions when the old "go to's" are getting stale...bravo, and...salute!!