August 13, 2008

Luna 2006 Pinot Grigio

Enjoyed some vino during my family's 1st annual "girls day out" last weekend. My sister, who's a wino (but that's another topic in itself), chose a moderate priced ' 06 Pinot Grigio from Luna Vineyards for all to share. I was pleasantly surprised, despite the mere 50% markup and enjoyed this wine sitting waterfront in the heart of Georgetown, but I digress.

The 2006 varietal is light in color and expressed potent fruity flavors. The 95% pinot grigo/5% chardonnay blend bodes citrus and pear flavors, oak and an underlying hint of honeysuckle. According to wine experts, this is a great selection to drink now (after 2 years of shelf life). So I say... go grab a bottle - but pay the $18 for it... not $36. 

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