August 1, 2008

Baron de Ley (1998)

Perhaps one of the founding inspirations for this blogsite, I had the opportunity to share a few bottles of vintage wines with a good friend yesterday evening. The 3rd of the bunch (yes, three bottles between the two of us) was this '98 Baron De Ley Gran Riserva from Spain. Made from Tempranilla, a premium red wine grape, the aroma and flavor were amazing. You could taste a variety of red berries and the scent of aged oak was rather potent. Medium-bodied, this wine was not too acidic, nor tannic. It had a nice kick to it, but didn't leave too much pucker on the tongue after swallowing. We paired our glasses with a goat cheese profiterole - perfection! 

Apart from Sherrys, Spain is not at the forefront of winemaking, however the Baron De Lay really boast a notable style.

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