August 2, 2008

Australian Shiraz - Tintara 2005

After attempting to refill my wine fridge yesterday evening, I decided that I would couple my atrociously rainy evening with my bed, a glass of red wine and a sappy movie. Little did I know, I was going to get a good movie, but sappy wine. 

Ok, I can't say that completely. While, the Tintara 2005 Shiraz (from Australia) reflected tastes of blackberry and currants, it's  grassy like qualities prevailed overpowering my tastebuds and smell. Though I'm guilty-as-charged for choosing to drink a normally heavy variety atbedtime, I will at admit that I was pleasantly satisfied with the wine's light and airy taste. Hardly tannic and mildly acidic. While I learned that this wine was not the best pairing for bedtime, I do think it would bide well to retry with a juicy red meat.

Now, you may ask... what is she going to do with the remainder of that bottle? And while I assure you I have at times finished a bottle all my own, tonight I will suffice with just one tasting. Truth is, that a re-corked bottle of wine can be stored in the fridge for about 3 to 5 days without compromising the flavor.

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