August 14, 2008

J Vineyard - Robert Thomas Pinot Noir

Yesterday I learned that opting to enjoy a nice single glass of vino during lunch time can often lead to a lethargic remainder of the day. Nonetheless, I had a spectaular lunch out with one of my favorite vendors and his colleague yesterday afternoon at Landmarc in NYC. Landmarc is one of the few restaurants in the city that sells bottles and half-bottles of wine close to warehouse price (compared to that lovely 50% markup I had experienced earlier in the week while in G-Town). Again, I deviate... we're here to talk about wine - drinking it, learning it, savoring it.

My friend was trained by a close friend, who just happens to be a sommelier. Needless to say, we let him take charge. He chooses a '05 pinot noir, which some would say is too heavy a varietal to enjoy during lunch. To our enjoyment, the J Vineyard Robert Thomas was rich in it's flavor profile, strong in aroma, but light to the taste for a pinot. According to the vineyards website, the Robert Thomas vineyard runs along the Russian River, so the grapes are some of the last to ripen due to the coastal enviornment (which tends to have a cooler temperature and more fog).

The wine is aged in 100% French oak barrels and ferments for a year. It bodes a satisying combination of cherry, violet and spice. Low in acid and tannin for a stronger grape. Overall tremendously satisfied with this option and will purchase a bottle this weekend! Want some? Visit .


One Dad's Opinion said...

J Vineyard is a great wine, have enjoyed many bottles...2 other that I love from the Russian River Valley - Rochioli and La Crema!!! two of my favorites!!!

The Vineyard said...

Hi OenoBee, I like your blog and I too am a 20 something writing about wine. Care to do a link exchange?

OenoBee said...

hey vineyard - sorry for the delay as I've been out of pocket most of the month. would love to do a link exchange!