December 7, 2010

12 Days of Wino: Mionetto "Il" Prosecco

Prosecco has become popular with drinkers for its straight forwardness and sophistication, so why not wrap "all that" up in a bow and share as a gift with your party hostess? Mionetto "Il" Prosecco is not only a great value option, it offers a light, clean finish with a hint of citrus, pear and even floral.

We love this wine for its versatility - its perfect to drink as an apertif or if you're looking to be a bit more bold, whipping up a cocktail using vodka, triple sec and pineapple juice.

The motive behind this gift? If you're lucky, you're hostess will serve you your own pick during their party - wink, wink!

Cost: $9.99/bottle
Where to Buy: Garnet Wines