December 3, 2010

12 Days of Wino: Dom Perignon

Every once and a while we like to extend beyond being just a little lavish, and like to get a little ridiculous. And as we were combing through our quarterly Crush catalog, something popped to our eye -- colors... iconic colors... and lots of them.

C'mon, who hasn't purchased a bottle of wine or two solely based on what the label looked like? We're all guilty! And we're suckers for anything artistic, so when we learned the one-and-only Dom Perignon was doing a special tribute collection to Andy Warhol, we flipped!

Dom Perignon and the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martin's School of Art & Design reinterpreted the bottle by altering the label with red, blue any yellow paying homage to Warhol's iconic color games.

This exclusive collection of three bottles was inspired by a March diary entry in which Warhol wrote, "Went to the gallery where they were having a little exhibition of the glittery shoes, and had to do interview and pics for the German newspaper and then we had to go back to the hotel and be picked up by '2,000' people -- its a club of twenty guys who got togetehr and theyr've going to buy 2,000 of Dom Perignon which they will put in a sealed room until the year 2000 and then open it up and drink it and so the running joke is who will be around and who won't."

Check out this video to see more:

Cost: $159/bottle
Where to Buy: Crush