August 4, 2010

"Wining" for some Chocolate!

Not only am I a certifiable lush, I'm also a certifiable chocoholic (see, I'm a woman of many talents). To my delight pairing chocolate and wine easily go hand and hand, and recently I've been obsessing over Green & Black's 70% and 85% chocolate bars (quite the same way as I've been obsessing over truffle oil!)

Made of a cocoa mass and cocoa butter, my personal fav, the 70% bar melts beautifully in your mouth and provides an intense, bittersweet chocolate experience. But not only is it delicious, it was the first organic chocolate brand introduced and the first brand to switch all its products to Fairtrade globally (loves!) Green & Black's is consciously focused on all the work they do with their farmers to help, identify and create sustainable community, environment and development projects. And anything that does that earns a check in my book.

Cost: $4/bar (get a $1 off coupon here for their new Peanut variety)

Where to Buy: Type your zip code here and they'll tell you

Pairing: You know I'm a HUGE fan of St. Supéry Vineyards & Winery (shouts to @tinacao, @rickbakas and @lesleykeffer!) so naturally as being the largest family owned Napa Green certified vineyard owner in the valley, its the perfect pairing for Green & Black's sustainability initiatives.


Guava Girls said...

Now I'm hunting for chocolate around the office, and it's only 9am!

evenanerd said...

Good grief- thanks to your post, I have just found out they have Green and Black's at Raley's in Napa. How have I missed those chocolate bars? Boy do you have me ready to go get one now and I have a bottle of St. Supery's Sauvignion Blanc handy too. It's a good day for a nerd.