August 11, 2010

Ghostbuster Wine!!

When there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who ya' gonna call? Well, I'm gonna call Dan Akroyd because chances are if something is creeping me out, he can at least bring me copious amounts of wine so I can drink my insecurities and frights away. That's right, Dan Akroyd is making a comeback as Ghostbuster turned Vitner... who would have thought?

I first uncovered Dan Akroyd Wines during a weekly visit to The Palm for one of my many #winedowns. Knowing that the Palm is notorious for jacking up their wine bottles (normally by about 3x the actual cost) I immediately went to the bottles I could afford that evening. Low and behold, there he was... a Cabernet Merlot blend for a mere $40-some, just a tad more than 50% up the normal cost (for the Palm, thats a deal!)

While it wouldn't be my first choice for what I paid at the restaurant for it, knowing that this value bottle normally retails for about $17 made be appreciate it just a bit more. A medium bodied red, this blend was very ripe fruit forward with dark and peppery undertones. A great pairing for my steak that night. Although, do you know what may have been an even better pairing? A piece of that giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. YUM!

Cost: $17/bottle
Where to Buy: Dan Akroyd Wines