August 5, 2009

Introducing "The Daily Beeswax"

There's no doubt that the world of wine is an ever changing entity that leaves many of us tilting our heads in confusion. But like learning a foreign language, wine is something that we must study and re-study to ever get a grasp on it.

That's why we're launching "The Daily Beeswax," a series of daily tips aimed to help educate newbees and polish oldbees on wino basics. Each day, we'll uncover something new to learn about the oh-so-evolving-world-of-wine. And don't fret, like the crisp finish of Reisling on the palette, we'll keep everything short and sweet for you. Got a question? Leave a comment on the blog or tweet us! Want to submit a tip? Send it along to!

We look forward to making this an opportunity for wino lovers of all levels to engage in dialogue together. So, as they say at the amusement park... "sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!"