August 14, 2009

Is drinking wine bad for you?

Was perusing through Eating Well magazine during my bi-weekly mani/pedi this evening and saw a highlight about the positives and negatives of wine consumption, so I figured I would quickly share the buzz about our favorite beverage for those of you not in the know:
  • Glass Half Empty: According to new research from Oxford, women who drink even just 1 glass of wine per day have an increased risk of some cancers (particularly breast cancer). Not to let this scare you, it all comes back to the level of consumption which if drank in moderation has a relatively low risk of harm. Just remember low risk is not no risk.
  • Glass Half Full: New research from Tufts University says that drinking alcohol might help keep bones strong. The study found that beer and wine drinkers had more bone density than individuals who consumed liquor. Why is this? Beer and wine contain silicon which helps promote bone formation. Wine also contains polyphenols that may stimilate bone building. Pass the milk, go for the red!