August 7, 2009

BUZZWORTHY: Drink More Red!

As if we needed more fodder to drink, here's something else to sip on... literally! Research suggests that moderate alcohol intake can produce a slight rise in HDL cholesterol (that's the good stuff, people).

Problem? That doesn't mean you need to head to Dos Caminos for a margarita or hit up Marquee to sip some Cosmos Carrie Bradshaw style. In fact, mixed drinks are loaded with sugar and are completely carb-o-licious, so try to steer clear.

Solution? Instead, switch to red wine (amen there is a substitution!); it has about a tenth of the carbs of a margarita, and you’ll also get antioxidants such as flavonoids that are believed to lower LDL (evil) while helping boost your HDL (good).

And is if I had to remind you... given the risks of alcohol, the American Heart Association recommends that you limit your daily intake to two glasses (for men) or one glass (for women) per day. Hey, they didn't say what sizes those glasses had to be!

Disclaimer: All jokes aside, excessive alcohol consumption can have a reverse effect - drinking too much can lead to high blood pressure and in turn heart failure or stroke. Please drink with caution.