March 23, 2011

Paris: Champagne Rose by Nicolas

As evening #2 rolled around in Paris, the girls and I wanted to make sure it would be a night that would go down in history. As we got all dolled up in our wannabe Euro fashion and prepared for a trendy dinner at Hotel Costes, we decided that we needed to do a bit of pre-gaming for all of the festivities-to-come. And there's no better way to do so than with a classic French brut rose.

Before I left to study abroad back in 2005, my brother-in-law advised that when I got to France, I ensure that I try two things - 1664 Beer and Champagne Rose. Being the college beer drinker I was at the time, the first option sounded better than the latter. But I gave him my word, and perhaps this is when I started to truly appreciate what wines had to offer.

At a whopping 14 euro a glass, my newfound passion for wine stemmed from Champagne Rose, so naturally an affinity for it was birthed. It was only inevitable I repeat my experiences during this trip in Paris, and so I did, with a brut rose by Nicolas (and another glass I stupidly paid 21 euro for at Hotel Costes).

Nicolas did me right. His effervescence was greeted by my palate and the undying bubbles, which were present several minutes beyond the initial pour spoke to me. This wine had a beautiful apricot and salmon hue, with light spring fruits like light raspberry and apricot that blended nicely with floral notes of rose. It's a refreshing wine that has become a tradition in my heart, and I urge each of you to make an experience of your own with it. Roses are back, baby!!