March 1, 2011

Cafe Culture Pinotage

I'm an advocate for trying new things, so when I was introduced to Pinotage, I said why not? A South African blend of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut grapes, these styles of wine typically evoke smokey, earth-like flavors.

Enter Cafe Culture Pinotage, a wine that exhibited these traits on the nose but offered something a bit more surprising on the palate - decadence! I've in turned deemed this "the coffee drinker's wine." It's Starbucks meets the vine. And while its not so traditional, its trendy and has a social spirit that is perfect for your next housewarming party. It has a style all its own which offers a mouthful of flavor with every sip - vibrant espresso and mocha undertones. The wine itself undergoes wood maturation which helps bring these attributes to life. The result, a medium bodied, balanced wine thats easy to drink.

Cost: $10/bottle
Pairing: Because of its decadence, pair with berry desserts of dark chocolate truffles.