March 21, 2011

Meet me in Paris!

There are many exciting things about a trip to France - the tourism, the shopping, the dining, but most important, the wining. Having just returned from a 5-day stint in Paris, it's needless to say I may have overindulged in typical Parisian delicacies, and wine was just one of the bunch.

The visits to the frommageries were in bulk, the nutella and banana crepes were in plethora, the espresso breaks were in full, and the wine consumption was, well, self-explanatory.

It's a blessing to walk into nearly any store on the "Rue" and be greeted by an exuberant amount of wine options at your fingertips, all of which range in costs - the cheapest baffling me at a measly two euros (Two Buck Check meet your Western European match).

From decadent Champagne Rose to refreshing Cotes du Rhones, I used my trip as an excuse to expand my palate in the old world, and along the way, discovered some delicious wines worth sharing with you.

Check back all week for some of my favorite finds, but until then, live vicariously in my adventures! Winky, winky!