March 25, 2011

Paris: '08 Jacques d'Orville Bourgogne Passetoutgrains

The one thing I envy about European culture is the way they take time for themselves . They are never rushed, they rarely come across stressed, and they love to embrace themselves in each and every moment. This is the complete opposite of my lifestyle. I tend to thrive off impulse and choose to live in hustle n' bustle. But its not to say there are times I don't regret not taking a breather.

Vacations, like this one, quickly put life into perspective for me. And as I continue to immerse in the culture, I find myself relaxed, at peace and more appreciative of my surroundings. Part of that laid back-ness is taking the time to enjoy a meal, and in doing so enjoying a glass (or bottle) of wine at lunch. And so we did...

During a day tour into Montmarte (home of the infamous Moulin Rouge) my friends and I decided to take in a sit-down lunch and encapsulate in our surroundings. All three of us ordered the lunch special - steak frites, a Parisian must - and of course enraptured in a bottle of wine.

Now, while this 2008 Jacques d'Orville Bourgogne Passetoutgrains wasn't for my palate, it would be a great selection for fans of the new world (ironic considering French wines tend to be old world). It offered a very light ruby color, almost transparent, which captured great reflections within the glass. On the nose, light summer fruits and floral undertones - a strong essence of rose - and very identical attributes on the palate.