November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Wines: 2006 Auroch Toro

Thanksgiving is to turkey as _____ is to Spain. The answer? Tempranillo! Ok, so its probably not the most logical anaology but it works for me! And though you may have never heard of the Tempranillo grape, there is no better time to try it than at Thanksgiving when you're likely expanding your palette anyhow. It may surprise you!

Tempranillo is a black grape variety grown in the Rioja region of Spain, which often yields fuller body wines. This varietal tend to be ruby in color and exude berry, plum, vanilla, and sometimes even tobacco flavors.

The Toro is a great budget-friendly wine to add to your dinner, or even pick up and take to the host of your Thanksgiving Day party. Made from young grapes, the Toro is an up-and-coming regional wine which combines a variety of flavors – from herbs and spices to cherry, vanilla and tobacco. It’s juicy, yet very soft on the palette.

Cost: $14/bottle
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