November 16, 2009

Tailgating Date with Sofia

Now, normally I'd be a simple wings and beers girl for any sporting event, and as much as that's still a fun occasion, I'm
finding that my affinity for wine is growing more and more intense. So even though wine isn't the most common tailgating addition, I allowed it to make a home with me.

Fast forward to Saturday at the Virginia Tech vs. University of Maryland football game (go Hokies!) where the munchies and booze were aflow. Mixed drinks, bottled beers, bottled wines, canned beers, canned wines. Wait... canned wine you say? Yes, wine in a can!

I admit, I was just as apprehensive as most of you probably are right
now. Afterall, boxed wines (until recently) ruined many of our relationships with wine (c'mon, who didn't have a bad Franzia experience in college once or twice? My old roommates are not allowed to comment on that!)

So, my friends over at Talbert/Coppola knew I was planning a huge tailgate for the big game and were kind enough to send me a set of Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs to try out, and I quickly learned how fantastic of an addition they were to the smorgasbord of cheese wieners, burgers and layered dips we had on hand.

Aesthetically, this is a woman's drink (although, do look at the pic on the left where my cousin is rocking his own can proving that real men drink pink). The petite sized hot pink cans have an elaborate feminine design on them and are sold in a unique hot pink octagon-like packaging which adds to its over flare (would be a great bachelorette party addition or
even birthday present!)

Once you get over the fact that you're sipping your favorite libation from a can, you'll be able to become enraptured in the fresh, aromotic tastes of the Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat varietals. Its perfectly effervescent - the bubbles lightly tingly your tongue and the bold summer fruit flavors shine through.

Where are we netting out? Sofia Minis are my new status symbol... so long Starbucks!

Cost: $12.99/4-pack
Where To Buy:


Brianne said...

You are adorable!

Nathan said...

Sofia was bubbly and full bodied all at once... just the way I like them!!!