November 30, 2008

The Fourth Day of Wine Gifts...

On the fourth day of wine gifts, my true love gave to me...
Now, it probably would have made sense for me to unveil each of my selected wine gifts in a fashionable order (you know, like leading up to my favorite gift), but instead I decided to keep the price points mixed up and keep you guys guessing. Afterall, we do have winobees of all levels, so its only fair to mix and match according to an array of needs. With that being said, this next gift, is one for the books. When I uncovered it, I thought to myself, "Now who in their right mind wouldn't want that!?"
EuroCave, maker of the world's finest wine cellar, has developed the "pinnacle of wine preservation." The EuroCave SoWine Home Wine Bar chills and preserves opened bottles of wine!

The unique 2 bottle preservation and service unit allows you to keep uncorked wine for up to 10 days! How does it work? Just place your uncorked bottle inside, close the door, slide EuroCave's patented vacuum cylinder over the bottle neck, and set the desired temperature. No stoppers, pumps, or gases required!! The push down pump seals the bottle, ensuring the perfect vacuum to slow the further oxidation of the wine.

And to top it off, the EuroCave has two compartments, so that you can preserve one red and one white wine at their respective temperatures (or two reds, or two whites - whichever you prefer!)

Where To Buy:
Cost: $395